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Made by Waterfowl Hunters with 100% American Steel

Taylor Brothers Welding and Machining, Inc provides top-of-the-line duck and goose hunting pits.  Our B-B-B model pits are made by using 3/16” and ¼” full steel plate to build the shell.    A marine saltwater grade coating is applied to the outside of each pit and high-grade exterior paint is applied to the inside.  Our standard pit sizes range from 12 feet up to 30 feet.   Each pit is 8’ X 8’ with a full line of customized accessories.  Custom-sized pits are available upon request.

Located in Tamaroa Illinois, we have been providing state-of-the-art manufacturing for over 86 years.

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Why Choose B-B-B Pits?

With lumber and concrete prices doubling or tripling, your chances of getting a customizable pit with your choice of inside features are slim. Choosing Taylor Brothers Welding and Machining, Inc. as your B-B-B pit provider is your best option for quality and customizable hunting pits. Our finished first-class state-of-the-art B-B-B model pits can be customized in your desired length so that you can relax and enjoy your hunt. With our pits made with thicker and stronger steel, quality craftsmanship, and with all the accessories you can add, you can’t go wrong with a Taylor Brothers Welding and Machining, Inc. B-B-B pit! Thank you for your consideration and good luck hunting and relaxing!

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About Taylor Brothers Welding Services, Inc.

Taylor Brothers Welding and Machining, Inc. specialize in mining equipment fabrication, machining, and rebuilding; However, we also service the area of rock quarries, phosphate quarries, cement companies, agriculture companies, farming equipment, heavy equipment companies, steel mills, and other heavy industrial companies around the world. Now, Taylor Brothers Welding and Machining, Inc. is branching out into making hunting pits for waterfowlers around the country to use during their favorite pastime.

For the past 86 years, Taylor Brothers Welding and Machining, Inc. is proud to have been the owner of the best repair and remanufacturing shops in the world of heavy equipment providing 100% American steel. Since the beginning, we have had the best employees working as a team at Taylor Brothers Welding and Machining, Inc. We take pride in employing a 100% American labor team for our workspaces.

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B-B-B Model Hunting Pits

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