Process of Making the B-B-B Model Hunting Pits

The B-B-B model pit process starts by using a 3/16” and 1/4” full steel plate to build the shell. That is why our pit model is the world’s biggest, best, and beefiest pit!

With the use of  3/16” and 1/4” full steel plates along with the process of welding all seams 100% inside and out, these pits are built for lifetime use. We also use a lot of gusset plates as dirt flanges all around the pit to keep them in the ground the first time they are installed. We guarantee that our pits won’t bend, bow, cave in, or warp up.

Our pits have dimensions of 8’ tall x 8’ wide x 12’-30’ long to create massive a amount of room and comfort for all hunts and hunters. Even with a 12” deep false floor mother nature liquid catching system in the bottom of each pit, it still leaves 7’ of headroom. The pit has a flop lid on one corner for a sump pump which has an opening so that a hose and a pump can be left in place at all times for convenience.

Customize Your Hunting Pit

When choosing Taylor Brothers Welding and Machining, Inc. to create your B-B-B pit, you can choose between a variety of inside additions that will give you your perfect hunting pit!

Are You Looking For A Customized Pit To Suit Your Needs?

Custom Accessories For Your Pit

Gun Racks

Dog Beds

Lift Hooks

Back Shelves

Back Shelves With LED


Fold Up Steps

Wood Benches

LED Lighting Kits

Shooting Platforms

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B-B-B Model Hunting Pits

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